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Business trip to your home
photo wedding
catering for events
Personal chef to your home 
Please use it for home parties such as birthdays and anniversaries.
We also recommend using it as a gift.
            Venue                 −   Home
            Business trip range       −  Nationwide
            Number of people       −   1 to 11 people
            Reservation period   −   7 days in advance
           Basic price     −    Food
                           A Nature Course ¥7,000 +tax/
Man 7 items
                     B Beaute course ¥10,000 +tax/
Man 8 items
C Petian course ¥20,000 +tax/Man 8
Travel expenses      ¥5,000 +tax
          Transportation fee    Joetsu Myoko city ¥1,000 +tax
                   Express fees, etc. will be charged separately outside the city and prefecture.
           Drink (hope)  −
                             1 bottle of natural sake   ¥4,000 +tax
​            All pairing ¥5,000 +tax /
Photo weddings, small home weddings, etc.
We will prepare meals for you.
Also, please use it for outdoor wedding parties.
Venue                   −   Location specified by the customer or
We would like to introduce you to the venue.
Business trip range         − Nationwide
Number of people:            −   ~40 people
Reservation period   −   Until 1 month in advance
Basic price.              −  
              Food Drinks ¥30,000 +tax / person
        Travel expenses   ¥30,000 +tax
      Transportation fee    City ¥1,000 +tax
                   Express fees etc. will be charged separately.
Drinks  −  
            Drink pairing to match your meal
     For those who don't drink alcohol, we offer homemade
     Non-alcoholic drinks will also be available.
Anniversary festivals, farewell parties, live events, etc.
We provide catering for various events and parties.