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How to use our company
From application to the day


How to apply

Decide your desired meal style based on the plan details.

If you have decided on the plan you want, please apply using the reservation form. We will contact you within 2 days if it is possible.

(Reservations are not confirmed at this time)

After approval, you can discuss the details via email.

Business trips outside of the prefecture are also possible.



Enter kitchen information

After the schedule and cooking plan are confirmed, you will be asked to tell us the cooking environment of the place you are visiting.

You will be asked to send me pictures of the kitchen, oven, microwave, and pots.




In order to arrange your wishes, we will have an email meeting. Also, please contact us for additional orders and requests.

At this point, the amount becomes an “estimate,” and after exchanging details, the final details and amount will be determined.

 ※Generally, we will use general cooking utensils, plastic wrap, aluminum, etc. from the place you visited.



Confirmed reservation

Once the meeting is over, we will “confirm the fee” and an estimate will be sent to the customer by email.

Please pay on the same day if you pay in cash, or at least 3 days after the reservation date if you pay by bank transfer.

 ※ Cancellation fees apply 3 days before the date of visit after the reservation is confirmed.



The flow of the day



Start eating


[Arrived about 1 to 2 hours ago]

・Arrive 1 to 2 hours before mealtime to start cooking and preparing the table.


・Dinner party started

~Please enjoy the hospitality~


[Clean up and withdraw]

・If payment is made in cash, payment will be made locally.

・We will withdraw it around 1 hour after the meal.

※It depends on your wishes and cooking content, so please consider this as a guide.



After the end of service provision

After using the service, if it is a bank transfer, please make the transfer at least 3 days later.

reservation form

Nanorunanamoi reservation form



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