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I've been learning French cuisine, and from that experience, I've learned wild animals, organic vegetables, fish, nuts, and flowers that I've acquired myself. I felt the beauty and kindness of such blessings of the natural world, and arrived at natural cuisine.

Handling animals and plants nurtured in nature is not easy, and we struggle every day. Time, effort, and money. I use a lot of energy to cook.

It's not like being evaluated by anyone, but for me, it's the most comfortable and happy thing. I feel like there's nothing more exciting.

With a feeling of gratitude for this peaceful world where we can have such stories with customers everywhere we go, we will be cooking today as well.

Natural cuisine

Commitment to ingredients

I think. Essentially, everything is in reverse order. I think about recipes after ingredients are born. Otherwise, the environment will deteriorate forever. Therefore, the vegetables on sale lined up in supermarkets look like flowers trying hard to bloom. I wonder why they got it on sale, so I use it.

There are also fruits that have been fermented and are going through their next life, and they can be useful for puffing bread.

Many cuisines are born from such dialogues. The boundaries of national borders and prefectural borders are irrelevant to animals and plants.

Instead of evaluating whether they are prefecture-grown domestically farmed natural pesticide-free pesticides and assigning points, if you focus on the stories that dwell in them, everything becomes delicious.I believe that procuring only what is necessary within sight with one's own hands is safe and can lead to reducing the burden on the natural world