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Nanorunamoi Chef
Born in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture
    After serving in the Self-Defense Forces, enter the world of cooking
At “Charme” in Saitama
French cooking techniques,
Learn the basics of services, etc.
Learn creative French.
At “Cave de Comma” in Tokyo
Learn French cuisine with a focus on vegetables.
At “Tio Pepe” in Niigata City
        Learn Western European cuisine.
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February 2018
             Local Joetsu
                ``Everyone's Friendship Lerch" was opened.
     The roof of the store was damaged due to strong winds.
From the store's business style,
                               Shifted to a business trip restaurant.
​ Natural food Nanorunamoi
    Activities started.

Naoki Eguchi

​​After graduating from high school, I joined the Self-Defense Forces.
When he developed a hernia and was no longer useful, he was assigned to the squadron's cafeteria.
Holding a knife for the first time, I enjoyed cutting onions more than anything, so I decided to master this field and attended a vocational school.
After graduating, I learned the basics of French cooking at a restaurant in Saitama Prefecture.
After that, I hitchhiked on a food trip to discover new ingredients and cuisines.
I'm having a hard time finding food, and I'm more worried about how I can get a ride to the car than about food., my head was full. Cold and hungry, all food felt gratefully new and fresh.
After returning home, I moved to France and worked at a starred restaurant in Paris.
One day when I was taking a walk around the grounds behind the park,
Surrounded by a pack of about 30 wild dogs, he narrowly escaped death.
It was the only moment I was prepared to die.
After returning to Japan, I went to Kagurazaka, Tokyo and learned how to cook French vegetable dishes.
Later, in Niigata City, he learned Western European cuisine such as paella.
After that, he was assigned to a French restaurant and gained experience as a chef.
​I returned to my hometown, Joetsu City.
have your own store
As I was pouring my passion into it to the point where I could no longer see those around me, I felt a lot of stress from the difference in temperature with those around me and the words they said to me, so I closed the shop once.
There was a time when I closed off my feelings to those around me and lost my mental balance.
I think the ingredients I choose have changed little by little since this time.
Just when the store had become somewhat stable after downsizing,
The roof of the store was blown off by the strong winds.
After that, I started going around selling side dishes and tofu, and started a restaurant business.
I slowly tried to find a style that suited me.
I want to enjoy cooking as much as I travel,
I felt like that,
I don't want to stay in one place, I want to interact with many people through food and my heart.
I don't even have a store like that, so I don't even have a name to make a name for myself anymore.
That's what I started to think.

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